White Bean Salad Dip with Rosemary and Chili Peppers

White Bean Salad Dip

Your appetizer board on Pinterest is BRIMMING with showstoppers but somehow, you’re always running late and grabbing whatever you see first at the grocery store on your way to the party. AM. I. RIGHT? You’re feeling me, yes. And truthfully – no one cares! Glass of wine in hand and anything passes as an appetizer. ok BUT – don’t you just love the ooos n’ awes when you show up with something homemade? people love that shit. So – next...

Thai Green Smoothie

Creamy green smoothie is slightly sweet but with a zesty kick. The secret ingredient feels so obvious I can’t believe it took me this long to be this genius..! PSA: never make a smoothie without GREENS ADDED. Cause, why the heck not? Get a freaking jump on your greens game every morning. Or, maybe just three mornings a week! If you had just THREE green smoothies this week – that is ~5 cups more spinach or kale than you were...

Raw Snack Snack Balls with Oats and Ginger
Grilled Corn Salad with Heirloom Tomato and Mint
Sweet Potato Kale Soup

Vegan Verde Soup

meatless Monday strikes again! Recipe inspiration- exhibit A: If that isn’t the most massive sweet tater you have ever seen – ?? Are you seeing the scale here? I used 3 cups for this soup and still had 3 cups left. WHO do you think took care of the rest? – exhibit B: So back to the soup: easy. instant pot. i’ll say it again. a must have. green. full of veggies. spicy. Spice makes everything nice. cheap. mushrooms are...

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