Meet Beth

Most days you can find me slinging spreadsheets for a general contractor. Talking dollars and drawings.

But I’m mostly known for talking about dogs and food.

My boyfriend fiance refers to my cooking style as “hurricane Beth”.

My dream house would have 5 dogs, a massive vegetable garden, chickens, goats, and a gravel driveway- but I’m not sure I could give up my city access for all that quiet.

I eat dairy-free by necessity, gluten-free by preference. Beer is allowed, always.

When I’m not busy you can find me walking the greatest lab of all time, listening to podcasts, cooking something new, getting outside in the PNW, and watching western inspired cop dramas on Netflix (do we have any Longmire or Justified fans out there??)

I was born and raised in Seattle and still live here, now with my partner D and the love of my life Riggins. We all  love sarcasm, breweries, playing cards, and crime documentaries.

Why Eat Gold

No, not literally gold. Eat Gold was born of the idea that you can and should eat good food, every day. Eating whole, real foods, will help change your health, your relationships, and the planet. 

I love serving the world by sharing food and photographed inspiration to get people cooking at home. Food photography is the vehicle that allows people to imagine a way of living and eating that’s more connected to where food should come from – the earth!
 I created a plant forward blog that shows how to eat delicious recipes that also benefit the planet and its people. Because I don’t want your most basic need to be a source of profit for big companies. 
What I believe:
  • Buy small, local – then organic.
  • Animal protein should be viewed as a luxury not an entitlement. If the meat you buy is cheap enough to eat every night of the week it’s not raised in a way that benefits you, the planet or the people who raised it.
  • Yes, Organic matters.
  • How you cook and eat says a lot about who you are.
  • If you want to reduce plastic and waste, start by cooking at home. Coffee cups? Takeout containers? Frozen burritos? I mean, come on.
  • Meal prep does more damage than good if you require a plastic container for each day.
  • Try again tomorrow. You can’t get it right every time.

 “You can simply stop participating in a system that abuses animals or poisons the water or squanders jet fuel flying asparagus around the world. You can vote with your fork, in other words, and you can do it three times a day.” – Michael Pollen

Time RigginsThis is Riggins. Isn’t he handsome? Some may say I love him too much, but i think its just enough 🙂