Why Eat Gold

I’m Beth! I work in construction but my obsession is food. Eating it, cooking it, reading about it, photographing it. I made this blog to share all of those things with people who feel the same. Eat Gold was born of the idea that eating is about more than fueling your body. When we eat not just good, but delicious food, we’re caring for ourselves and for each other. This isn’t an original idea but its one I’m passionate about. Eat Gold doesn’t mean you’re always eating the most healthy, or the most organic, or the most trendy foods. It means to eat what you’re proud of making and what tastes like gold to you because its the just f-in BEST!

I’ve always been into eating – just not well. There was a point in my life that my local Taco Del Mar burrito maker knew to add an extra side of queso to my order without me having to ask. (In case you don’t frequent fast-food mexican as much as i used to, Queso is the short-hand taco del mar uses for nacho cheese. And its freakin amazing, i just don’t eat it anymore. wommmp). Fast forward a year or two and I was experiencing some serious gastro-storms and decided to find out why. In my case, not eating dairy seems to keep things in check. I’m not going to say I’m “lactose intolerant” bc really guys, who isn’t!? Its all about what you’re willing to tolerate.

So, eat what tastes and feels best to you. If you want pizza and wine, go for it. If you want baked chicken and asparagus, goodonya. But let’s stop eating food that is supposed to be healthy but doesn’t make our minds as happy as our tummies. Its a waste of my money and my calories and I won’t have it, people.

When you have to tailor your diet, cooking for yourself is the easiest way. Don’t get me wrong, restaurant dining is my THING and I’ll never stop, but for most meals, you just want to eat good food and know exactly what is in it. So I love to cook for myself, dairy-free, and minimal gluten (beer is allowed – always).

​I live in Seattle with the love of my life Riggins, and my boyfriend, Derek. haha only kidding! I love them equally, I swear 😉 My happiest times are cooking up a storm with these two in our kitchen. We also like to run, hike, play cards, watch movies, and hang out with friends. Literally the most unoriginal list of activities ever – but we’re loving every minute of it.


“Why eat anything but the best?”​


Time RigginsThis is Riggins. Isn’t he handsome? Some may say I love him too much, but i think its just enough 🙂