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Tofu Rice Paper Rolls with Collard Greens and Lime Peanuts
Easy Veggie Red Thai Curry with Crispy Chickpeas

Vegan Red Thai Curry with Crispy Chickpeas

Vegetarian red thai curry is crazy easy – and affordable. Thai curry is possibly the BEST way to get your family to eat vegetables in a meal that is as satisfying as takeout. Why veggie curry? Money – Garbos $1.50, Kale $2.50, Bell Pepper $3 (organic ones aren’t cheap..), onion $1, lime $1, coconut milk $2.50 – Thats just over $10. You will get at LEAST two meals – possibly 4 if you add some more veggies or serve over...

Dairy Free jalapeno poppers with chorizo

Dairy-Free Chorizo Jalapeno Poppers

Jalapeno poppers for everyyyone! The all-inclusive popper – ok not for the vegetarians. Really this is a dairy-free recipe I made because I’m deeply sad every time I see a cream cheese stuffed jalapeno on the menu that I have to pass up. SO – I made some myself and they satisfied a craving that has been building for YEARS. Before we get started – I want to note that Jalapeno shows up as a misspelling every time I type...

Gluten Free Salmon Burgers

Gluten-Free Salmon Burgers

Oooof these are some good ass burgers. My adventures in learning to love salmon are going GREAT. Do you love salmon, being frugal, and savory flavors.  These are going to be your new meatless monday go-to. Reasons to LOVE on these fish cakes: Stretch your dollar. 12 oz (or 1 lb if you are using fresh) will make you four meals instead of two. Never throw away leftover rice These freeze and reheat well so you can use them for...

Instant pot collard greens with bacon and lemon

Instant Pot Collard Greens

OH Heyyyyy. Collard greens are my newest love in the world of green things. Kale will forever be a staple, and spinach is irreplaceable BUT – there is a sweet spot between wilted spinach and dry chewy kale stuck in your teeth¬† – and it’s collard greens! Have you ever been to a legit BBQ place where they have meat by weight and then sides? First you order WAY more smoked meat than you need (and eat it all) and...