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Blueberry and Kale Salad with Tempeh and Pickled Peppers in a white bowl on a marble counter

Blueberry Kale Salad with Pickled Peppers

Meatless Monday tastin super fresh with this crunchy-salty-sweet kale salad! We’re loving this salad for a quick weeknight dinner OR Sunday meal prep. Fruit has a home in salad AND on pizza, people. Surrender to it. Why try a Meatless Monday: Saves money! – with one package of organic/antibiotic free chicken at about $9 you can buy yourself TWO lattes, TWO gallons of gas, 5 LBS of rice, 9 apples, 4 bus rides, 1/4th of a pedicure. Times that by...

jar of homemade instant pot apple sauce with no added sugar

Instant Pot Sugar Free Apple Sauce

Is the Instant Pot actually all that?? Isn’t it just another appliance taking up space?? Yes, but it’s an appliance taking up space that made applesauce, unattended, in 15 minutes while I cleaned the bathroom. I know, I know, the pressure cooker phase is at an all time high in the Pinterest world! It very *in* to have an Instant Pot. So I get why ya’ll wonder if it’s earned all the hype. The hype is REAL. Here is why...

Farro grain salad with arugula, squash, apple and pumpkin seeds in a wood bowl with serving spoon and fork and side of dressing

Sunshine Grain Salad with Apple and Squash

Moving from summer to fall is so easy with a bright sunshiny salad, that wears UGG boots and blanket scarves. Bringing a side dish? Often I offer because I can’t eat the main course. Sort of selfish, ya. Hah. But I haate feeling like the wet blanket that makes people cook someone outside of their go-to repertoire because of my diet preferences. So I keep quiet, I’ll eat what I can and also offer to bring something! That way there’s...

breakfast cookies on a silpat lined baking sheet

Carrot Cake Breakfast Cookies

Guys these can be ANY kind of cookie. Breakfast cookie, snack cookie, pre-workout, post-workout – the important thing is – you’re getting in the cookie zone during un-cookie times. Are you a three meal a day person or …five? What? five? yes. Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, with two snack cushions in between. So my go to snack used to be the protein muffin. And there will always be a place in my heart for the protein-rich sweet treat. BUT sometimes...

Roasted Carrots and Crispy Garbanzo Beans with Tahini Sauce