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Coconut chia pudding with cinnamon apples
Three bowls of instant pot congee with chicken ginger shallot and scallion

Instant Pot Congee

Replace your chicken noodle with tasty comfort food that is also super healing and easy to digest. Instant Pot congee is crazy easy and freeze it to reheat when you are under the weather and need a boost! I got a serious problem with chicken noodle. Seems like this problem covers anything I used to eat when I was sick. So basically just 7-Up and chicken noodle soup. I’m having anxiety just thinking about it. Congee is like a rice...

Honey Roasted Sweet Potatoes
Heart Beet Superfoods Cafe seattle smoothie spot

Where I Eat: Heart Beet Organic Superfoods Cafe, Seattle, WA

  The Skinny: Heart Beet Organic Superfoods Cafe in Seattle is a vegan/raw food cafe serving smoothies, juices, juice shots, “buddha bowls”, etc… Basically this is the place to go when you want to be healthy but you also don’t want to make a mess in your kitchen. They also have pies/cakes/truffles that are vegan and raw. I haven’t had any but they look super tasty.   The Fat: I think this place used to be called “Thrive”. Its in...

Game Day Appetizer Twice Baked Potato Pizza Bites

Twice Baked Pizza Potato Bites

Game day snacks – meet meal prep. You two should be friends. TWO BIRDS people. One stone. I just solved everyone’s sunday funday meal prep failure problems. Guess what? These amazing gluten-free appetizers double as weekday freezer snacks! If you’re having friends over or going to a football watching shindig – these are perf and they’ll all get gobbled up in no time. Creamy, sausagey, gluten- free and dairy-free – they will delight your guests and they’re painless to make....