How to Build A Desk Pantry

Build Your Own Desk Pantry

The key is to get things (mostly) things that do not need to be refrigerated. You can literally keep them in your desk. No need to label them, or share them. They are your own secret stash of GOOD condiments to spice up your lunch hour. We spend SO much time at work so why are we trying to make lunch a quick, passing event. I mean its its almost a quarter of your meals! ( 3 x 7 = 21 / 5  = ~4. whoa)

  1. Olive Oil – my #1 suggestion! I hate remembering to bring dressing. Prep a salad and bring a lemon and you’re good to go, 2. Salt & Pepper Grinders – sometimes those leftovers just need a little lift, 3. ACV – great salad dressing vinegar, great to add to fizzy water –  get that good gut, 4. Raw Honey – add to yoghurt, tea, OR just take a tiny spoonful when you need something sweet, 5. Hot Sauce (Secret Aardvark) – If you like some spice, you know why. Hot sauce is a game changer for an average meal. Tip: Best work snack – hard boiled egg, sliced in half, with mustard and hot sauce.