Cashew Cream Cubes

March 8, 2017



What I miss most about not eating dairy isn’t cheese and milk, its creamy foods. Creamy mac and cheese, vodka sauce, cream of mushroom, chicken pot pie, spinach artichoke dip, clam chowder, cream of mushroom, etc.. Not being able to chow down on this stuff with my fellow diners is truly torturous. So, if you can’t order or buy heavy-cream laden soups and pasta sauces, you gotta create those indulgences at home! Enter – CASHEW CREAM.


I learned how to make cashew cream from Danielle Walker (Against All Grain). She has an unreal recipe for “Cream” of Mushroom soup that calls for cashew cream (recipe here). If you are the type of person who likes exact quantities you should use her ratio, it works perfectly. The only issue I found lies in the leftoverrrrsss! I am VERY suspicious of lingering leftovers. One day old, use it. Two days, using it, but I’m stressing about food-borne illness. Three? no. Which brings my to my freezer obsession. I recently had leftover cashew cream, bc you usually only need a small amount to cream-up whatever you’re making and I didn’t want to toss it. Instead, I distributed the remaining cream into an ice-cube tray and froze them. Once they’re frozen you can pop them out and store them together in a zip-lock baggy. Next time you’re making a soup or sauce, toss in a couple cubes and WAM BAM you’re living the dairy life without the “sacrifices”. Yahoo!



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