Where I Eat: Heart Beet Organic Superfoods Cafe, Seattle, WA

February 19, 2018

Heart Beet Superfoods Cafe seattle smoothie spot


The Skinny:

Heart Beet Organic Superfoods Cafe in Seattle is a vegan/raw food cafe serving smoothies, juices, juice shots, “buddha bowls”, etc… Basically this is the place to go when you want to be healthy but you also don’t want to make a mess in your kitchen.

They also have pies/cakes/truffles that are vegan and raw. I haven’t had any but they look super tasty.


The Fat:

I think this place used to be called “Thrive”. Its in the same location and serves nearly the same stuff. WOW they got a face-lift and its awesome! It’s so bright. They are marketing to the right people ($$).

In the past I have had: the buddha bowl, Snake bite shot, and a curry. This time: mint cocoa smoothie with Coconut Cult add-in and D had a creamsicle smoothie (w/ orange – you can choose strawberry instead) that we were both BLOWN away by. His was SO decadent but simultaneously thirst quenching. I could have sucked the whole thing down in one go. Mine was more creamy and dreamy. Just minty enough. It tasted like healthy fitness. I was 110% satisfied when I was finished instead of craving more or feeling sugar crashy.

I love a dense smoothie rather than a super frothy juicey one and these both delivered.


Not that they asked – and who am I to talk – but I think it could stand to get cozied up a little. Maybe some small booths? I could imagine myself actually sitting and staying a while, borrowing one of the for-sale books to peruse if it felt more cozy and like you were encouraged to chill there. Of course the other issue is parking. I hate that I’m even saying this but it is a deterrent. If this same place was in a little strip mall unit with a parking lot where you could just cruise on up and grab a shot and smoothie I would be broke – but happy.

GO check them out. You won’t regret it.

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