Resources & Faves


Though you CAN cook without a lot of fancy tools, I’ve found that a couple of essential ones make a world of difference.

  1. Tongs – salad tossing, browning tofu, sautéing greens, crisping chicken thighs, should I keep going?, 2. Salad Spinner – for washing all that KALE, 3. Chef’s Knife – sharp knives can completely change the way you look at cooking, I swear!, 4. Salt holder – I use Diamond Krystal kosher salt, love love having it right by the stove for a quick pinch, 5. Cast Iron pan – stovetop to over transfer is life altering. And the heat retention…!


Kitchen Upgrades

  1. Vitamix – ya, it really is worth it – nut milks, smoothies, soups, sauces – when things are easier, they taste better, 2. Instant Pot – if ii’m being honest, we use it most often to cook Riggin’s sweet potatoes – but my other fave uses: hard boiled eggs, grains like wheat berries, dried beans, chili, curries, and anything that you would use a slow cooker for when you forgot to set it before you left in the morning!, 3. Food Processor – marinades, pestos, dips, batters, dough, also for shredding, slicing – is there anything it won’t do?, 4. Sieve – loose leaf tea, juicing lemon, juicing, straining, soups, ice creams. I have use a sieve for all of these things. They are too affordable not to have on hand, 5. Fish Spatula – it just always feels like the right tool – crispy eggs, browning tortillas, searing fish.

waste Reducers

It’s important to think about what you waste the most. For me, it was paper towels. Walk in the kitchen while I was cooking and you’d find piles of them, on every surface. So we decided to try bar towels. I can grab a new one to dry my hands, use them as rags, to dry dishes, and we keep a basket for all the dirty ones under the sink.

  1. Stasher Bags – for lunches, marinades, freezing, 2. Reusable Towels – use less paper towels!, 3. Baking Mat – use less foil, 4. Glass Tupperware – not only do they last longer, but then when you are at, rheat your food in the glass rather than using a paper plate or bowl, 5. Nut Milk Bag – make your own nut milk, its crazy easy!


  1. Avocado Oil – great all purpose oil replacement for canola /vegetable oil, 2. Mama Lil’s Pepper – Not too hot, the PERFECT pepper for pizza, sandwiches, salads, deviled eggs, cheese plate, 3. MCT Oil – for blended coffees this is a game changer, 4. Maldon Flake Sea Salt – add a sprinkle to EVERYTHING. Especially to – peanut butter toast, hardboiled eggs, avocado


Have you heard people say that all vitamins and supplements give you is very expensive pee? I sometimes agree – BUT, there are a few that have been complete game changers.

Number one canker sore cure – B12. I struggled with canker sores so bad for years. Bad diet and gluten makes it worse but even if I clean up my diet I still get them  – unless I take B12 every day. I don’t think this is TMI – some people just get them, they are ulcers, not sores. I’ve read once that another person is able to keep them away by taking zinc every day. Give them a try if you have recurring canker sores (aphthous ulcers).

Wild Alaskan Fish Oil

B12 (Methyl)


D3 (5000 IU)