The Amateur Gardener

February 9, 2017


My boyfriend and I started a garden a few months back. When he does something, he likes to do it methodically and correct, the first time. My style is more – aggressive? My mom would call it “impatient” but i say i’m just very enthusiastic. “I want to have a garden, this week, today, right now!” Fortunately, our two styles lend to each other well and we are able to complete things correctly and FAST.

Creating our garden has been an experiment in many ways…

  1. we don’t know anything about growing veggies except – plant, water, wait, repeat. seems pretty straight forward?
  2. We live in seattle. You just never know if it’ll be warm enough to grow peppers and tomatoes – the only two things we wanted to grow.
  3. our backyard is squished between two rows of townhouses, so it only sees the sun for a ~2-3 hours stretch each day.


So far, its going pretty good! the biggest struggle has been remembering to water. The veggies are in the backyard, out of sight, out of mind. The other issue is space. We were overly ambitious and the plants are crowded. As they grow they are creating shade on their shorter neighbors. Big tomato is shading the jalapeños. Also we got a mysterious outcropping of mushrooms all over the bed.

Romas in the works! SO satisfying.


Success! Jalapeños for days!

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