Where I Eat: The Masonry

February 21, 2017



Let me preface this post with a reminder that I don’t eat cheese. Therefore, my opinion of a pizza place should be taken with a grain (or three) of salt. But, if I love it it must be pretty f-in good, am i right??


The Skinny:

The Masonry serves neapolitan style pizza. Menu has about six pizza options and then a handful of “Other Items”, which is great for those who don’t like pizza (who? i know…they’re crazy). They also have a substantial beer list, draft and bottles. (Woah, I just looked up the menu because i’m writing this a month or so after i went and they’ve added POZOLE. I love it when restaurants have random shit on their menu. To me, that says, we make Pozole SO good, that we’re going to put this random item on the menu at our pizza place. I must try it). Lastly, it’s important to note – they are crushing Yelp, which I trust completely. Check it out.


The Fat:

I definitely like this place. Its good. I’m not ape shit over it or anything, but there was nothing I didn’t like. When we go out for pizza I order it without cheese and usually this works out fine. I know most of you are wondering why I even bother, but honestly, you get used to it. Extra sauce, please! This brings me to my ONLY issue with The Masonry, that it’s pizzas are pretty low-sauce. When you have fresh mozz oozing all over the place this is a non-issue, I’d guess. For me, I wished my pizza was more moist, and next time I’ll just ask for it.


The atmosphere is great. They have a TV playing sports, good music playing off a record player, good people watching, and variated seating – high tops, outdoor, small bench pairs, and bar seating. We sat at the high-top communal table and were able to watch the pizza makers work and Queen Anne’rs walk by through the open-air storefront.  For me, a good feeling is worth almost as much as the food. I’d go here again and again because I feel comforted, well fed, and slightly buzzed when I leave. Good job Masonry!


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